Pros and Cons

  1. Unlimited design capabilities
  2. Permanent home improvement
  1. Quick installation (3-5 days)
  2. Permanent home improvement that can be customized to compliment your home and your lifestyle
  3. Proven product with factory controlled quality
  4. Flexural strength that prevents cracking in freeze-thaw climates
  5. Smooth finish means no skin abrasions
  6. Non-pourous surface resists the problems associated with unbalanced water chemistry, requiring less chemical maintenance labor, and electric and is algae resistant
  7. Most pool options available—perimeter tile, inlayed tile, tile mosaics, Extreme QuartzTM pool finishes, built-in cascades, streams, aromatherapy, fiber optic and LED lighting
  1. Low initial cost
  1. 4-8 week installation by subleased contractors
  2. Concrete shows through around the pool's edges
  3. The surface is rough and abrassive and also stains and discolors easily
  4. Pourous surface is a breeding ground for algae and other micro-bacteria
  5. Cracks in freeze-thaw climates and requires acid washing and replastering
  6. High maintenance; monthly pool service required, excessive use of chemicals and electricity.
  1. Temporary pool that punctures, rips and tears
  2. Replacing liners periodically
  3. Walls can deteriorate over time
  4. Develops wrinkles over time.

  1. Limited sizes